Background Information

Media219 have been creating models of football stadiums since 2013. Our models have been seen all over the World in many different projects and by millions of viewers

Stadiums219 is an online platform setup by Media219 to allow broadcasters to easily see and purchase models for their own use. The models can be purchased individually or as a set.

All our models start their life in professional 3D software. Most of the time this is 3D Studio Max. Great care is then taken to make two different file formats available as part of the download package. These are FBX and Datasmith. With each download package you will find two sets of Datasmith files. One is for Unreal V5 and there is also a file for older versions of Unreal which we have tested with Unreal V4.23.

The Unreal engine files have been optimised to run as smoothly as possible, striking the perfect balance between high quality and smooth running.

If you have any other specific file format requirements then please let us know.

Purchasing any model allows that person / company to generate any sort of content for any use it sees fit. This can cover broadcaster, online, virtual etc but is not limited to such.

The models should not be shared with other people or companies as the license granted upon purchase is gramnted to that person / company only. Any third party use will be deemed as illegal use and treated as a breach of copyright. This will result in that use being challenged through legal routes.

All content on this website is copyright of Media219 and any images not generated by Media219 have been granted permission to be used by the relevant copyright owners. The renders you see on this website have all been generated from Unreal V5.2.1

If you need to discuss any purchases or have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email or telephone.

For multiple purchases of 4 or more models, please get in touch with us as we offer bulk purchase pricing which may be of interest.

Media219 Ltd is registered in the UK so all sales to relevant markets involve VAT at the designated rate contained in the price.

stadiums219 is a Media219Ltd company